Energy Care

Our Energy works products are used to help balance the systems of energy throughout the body to alleviate stress, ailments, and disease.

Blissful Bundle

$ 25.00 USD

Selenite provides protection, intuition and purification. Rose quartz aids in rejuvenation, harmony and healing. Sage cleanses your surroundings and spiritual presence while Palo Santo provides positive energy removing the negative. The hand selected elements in this bundle encourage a harmonious environment ready for new beginnings or consistent clarity.

  1. Ingredients

    Selenite, Rose quartz, Sage bundle, Palo Santo


    First hold sage bundle at a 45 degree angle lighting the bottom facing end. Once the flame ignites, blow out the flame leaving smoke floating up. While holding the sage bundle in one hand walk from the northern side of the room in a clockwise motion around the entire perimeter of the area needing to be cleansed. Use a feather or hand to guide the smoke in an upwards motion. You can then place the sage bundle on a heat proof surface allowing it to cool. Next, ignite the Palo Santo stick. This requires more time with an actual flame as the wood needs more heat to provide adequate smoke. After about 30 seconds with a flame, blow out the flame and follow the same path as used with the sage. Place the Selenite near an area of rest such as under a pillow, near a desk, or in a space for meditation (do not ever get selenite wet). Place the quartz crystal at the entrance of the room or space needing clarity. If you have a special place for meditation all elements can be utilized in the same space to generate higher vibrations and calming energies.


    Though there are recommended uses and portions on all products these recommendations are for information and education purposes only and not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or replace advice from medical professionals. Consulting with physicians is highly encouraged and recommended when making changes to your health plan.
We are  a registered nursery in the state of Florida and house many ingredients such as Sage, Aloe, Peppermint, Rosemary, and others on premises.