Body Care

Our collection of body care products to moisturize and soften your skin. They'll also leave your skin smelling amazing thanks to the ethically sourced extracts found in our fragrances.


$ 22.00 USD

Our TranquiliTeas use all organic herbs and flowers to promote relaxation and provide skin detoxification along with rejuvenating skin cells. The skin is our largest organ and the open pores during bathing provide great opportunities for absorption. Our Relax and Relief option is great when needing a peaceful state of mind. Whereas our Stimulate option provides herbs to get your body and mind ready and focused. It is a hard choice to make as both deliver incredible natural healing properties that will make your skin feel new and mind feel fresh.

  1. Ingredients

    RELAX & RELEASE : chamomile, lavender, roses, comfrey leaf, oats STIMULATE : peppermint, calendula, eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, oats


    BATHTUB : Add 3 tablespoons TranquiliTea into reusable mesh bag and tie closed. Leave under warm running bath water and steep for at least 5 minutes, although it is safe to leave in tub during bathing duration. SHOWER : Add 3 tablespoons TranquiliTea into reusable mesh bag and tie closed. Tie or hold under shower head in warm water allowing water to fully saturate contents of bag. Gently use the bag as a cleansing sponge and rub on entire body. Discard contents of bag after each use and rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry to prepare for next use.


    Although our products are made from organic and natural ingredients that does not imply all products are safe for everyone. Negative skin reactions can still occur especially when using items containing essential oils. We encourage patch testing prior to full body use to ensure individual safety.
We are  a registered nursery in the state of Florida and house many ingredients such as Sage, Aloe, Peppermint, Rosemary, and others on premises.